A Passion In Words


If you have ever put pen to paper and wrote a piece of writing then you will know how addictive it can be and the pure satisfaction you feel when you look back over your work is enough to write that next chapter.

But having the words pour easily from your mind into readable, logical and grammatical text can, at times, cause much frustration, stress, anger and a sense of failure, that half of the time you wonder why it is that you ever started writing.

I have been ‘scribbling’ ever since I can remember; I used to copy the words from books and loved how they flowed so easily and magically. I was entranced and used to pretend that I was the writer of those lovely sentences, stringing them along as if there wasn’t anything else in the world to do.

Now, obviously, I write my own words. I take the ideas that are swimming inside my head and breathe life into them so others can enjoy my creativity. I am a fictional writer so most of my work is from my own imagination but many writings have to be well-prepared beforehand.


With the help of the Internet, like the video above, there is a wealth of information for the budding novelist and an endless array of writing courses that can teach you how to write the correct way, how to be the novelist and to bring those images alive onto paper.

Finding Your Way

But what can you write? Adventure books, educational manuals, news articles, children’s storybooks or informational eBooks? The list is endless.

Usually, you will know what you like to write about, whether it is full on romance novels or informational travel guides; there is an outlet for absolutely any topic you can think of. I love writing romance novels and revel in creating scenes that can transport the reader anywhere in the world and into any situation.

But not all writing is taken from imagination, in fact most authors have to undertake a fair degree of research, whether it be an area where a story is set or names and profiles of famous people written about. A friend of mine writes articles for a living and his genre is politics, his style is extremely well written and the research is evident throughout. So, where to start? If you want a career in journalism for instance, you will have to study a wide variety of subjects to gain the desired qualifications; media studies, photography, history, literature and language for instance. Even performing arts can be a contribution because it teaches you how to develop characters, create scenes and perfect human emotions.

Information Reports

Very popular these days are information eBooks or digital books and these don’t have to be long pages of text. In some cases the eBooks are no longer than a newspaper article, but they are very popular as they can be accessed instantly. Usually these digital reports are in exchange for a person’s email and they will then be sent a link to download the eBook. An example of this can be found at this weight loss site, it is a review of a diet program but it also offers a free eBook to download for some tips on losing weight. Once the reader signs up, they will then be sent occasional emails offering further advice and promoting other products.


Another great and fulfilling way of writing is by creating children’s storybooks. These are completely reliant on the writer’s imagination which can afford to run wild as kids love hearing stories that are both magical and relative to their own ways of thinking. And if you can draw, then this is a no-brainer. My other half designs toys and can create some magnificent masterpieces with so much detail that I’m sure is lost on most adults, but to the younger generation they absorb it all and the toys become their precious treasures.

Fantasy Library

So, if you are thinking of taking pen to paper then jump in and take the plunge…you might sometimes sink but one thing is guaranteed, you will do a lot of swimming.